Monday, June 4, 2012

Cats and More

How much fun is this ......

Received it for Mother's Day from my family.  The cat looks just like my Mick Jagger who has MOVED IN.  He crawls under the covers for his afternoon snooze!

Here's a recent photo of my 'bag of chips"!  Left to right:  Belle, Casanova, Mick Jagger and Jaxon.  The best news of all is that Cee-Lo Red returned for dinner last night after a month of recuperation in the south of France..who knows where he's been.  I'll post a pic when he settles down.  I'm so happy he has returned.

My darling sister, Cathy, made me this treasure box for Mother's Day. Isn't it lovely??  She is one very talented gal and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

Here's my progress on Mary Roe.  I'm just about finished.  I loved doing the Rice Stitches.  They are beautiful and add so much to the piece.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Simply Fabulous week !!


Loraine said...

That is one funny sign! Your new kitty is beautiful.
Love Mary Roe! She is coming along, and you will have her done in no time at all.
I love the box that Cathy sent you? Oh, so sweet. She needs to post how she did that!
Hugs to you dear friend!

Deb said...

Cute sign and I love your kitty. I used to have a black one too that was just a sweetheart. His name was Bosco (like the chocolate syrup - do they still make that?).

Mary Roe is coming along great (one for my to-do list) and how sweet of Cathy to send that to you!!!

Have you started Phebe yet????

Giovanna said...

Very nice progress on Mary Roe, and what a fabulous box from your sister. Love the cats and the sign :-)

Melissa said...

Your Mary Roe is beautiful and you're close to finishing too!

Oh look at all those kitties! The sign is just perfect for your house!

Love that box your sister made for you!

woolwoman said...

I love Mary Roe - so cute and great colors. glad the kitty who got scared away came back. He knows a good thing (and person) when he sees one. no knitting??

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Hey, Miss Fabulous!! Cute Kitty sign and all your own kitties are pretty! Mary Roe is wonderful - I love her colors and the rice stitches are terrific!

Awesome gift from Cathy - you are all talented sisters and each as sweet as can be!

Big hugs to you, dear friend!

mdgtjulie said...

Good progress on Mary Roe. I love the colors in that. The bright pinks and blues. Lovely!! I love the sign, lol. I would like to have more than one, but Yes Dear insists on being an only child. Glad to hear your wayward son has returned home too. That's awesome!!

Littlebit said...

Ooo, your gift from your sister is beautiful, and your Mary Roe..Wow! Adorable kitties.

Julie M said...

What a perfect gift Cari! Wonder how long it will be before the next addition arrives?

Mary Roe is beautiful, you've made good progress on her!

Beautiful box from your sister too. She did an awesome job!

Katrina said...

Fun kitty pics and I am glad your wanderer has returned home :-)!!! Gorgeous gift and I love Mary Roe!!!!

Cathy Lloyd said...

How did I miss your post? Oh my heck love your Mary Roe! I do think those rice stitches are all that...and a bag of chips...

Your kitties are darling and so very lucky to have you for their mama... Mick has shiny fur! Cute! Okay...but maybe you might be tipping...just a little bit of tipping... I'm going to have to come visit, just to make sure! Can't wait for pics of Cee-Lo!


Siobhán said...

Love that sign--tooo cute! Your cats are adorable. Our Ginger June went to the Rainbow Bridge a year before we moved here & my DH keeps talking about getting another cat.

Beautiful present from Cathy! Man, I soooo wish I had sisters! ;)

Your Mary Roe--OH MY GOSH. Gorgeous. If I can pull myself out of my slump, I definitely want to get that one--love the colors in it.

Margaret said...

Oh my god, that sign is just so cute! Can't show it to Mia though. We think she would object strongly to another cat in the house. lol! Love your mary Roe! Love what Cathy made you too! Love seeing your cats all lined up for dinner -- what a great pic!

Nicole said...

All your kitties are so cute! I'm sad I won't be able to meet them today!! :(

Your Mary Roe is looking great. I need to get back to mine! I love the box Cathy made! She is just so talented! :)