Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Knitting and Friends

This is a Linen Stitch scarf I knit for my granddaughter Taylor Evan.  She's living in Fall River, MA. so I knew she could use it.  It's a fun knit.  I have several more colorways in the knitting bag.

Two of my 'out of town' stitching friends, Karen (Colorado) and Nicole (South Carolina), stopped by after Christmas for a stitching afternoon.  We had such a great time.  It was nice to visit and stitch the afternoon away!  

 Nicole had stopped by A Good Yarn in Sarasota and picked out this 'HOT PINK' sock yarn as a Christmas gift for me!!  How sweet was that?  I can't wait to get started. And she knit me two beautiful dishcloths.  Seems a shame to use them in the kitchen…but I do and I love them !!  Thanks Nicole

Karen gave me this lovely Shaker box.  I love boxes 'cause I've always got something to put in them !!  Thanks Karen

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hugs and Happy Stitching, Knitting, Quilting or whatever rings in your new year !!