Monday, June 28, 2010

One thing....leads to another....

A dear friend called the other day to ask me to hem a dress for her which I did.  I had to get out the Pfaff sewing machine for a stretch stitch and one thing lead to another...  I finished these 'tweet' birds, one for me and one for Cherie.

Then I finished this punchneedle design that will hang on a closet door. The backing is a green wool and the buttons are from my Mom's collection.

Next up these two scissor fobs from Shepherd's Bush.

There was no machine sewing on this box but I was on a roll!  I finished this necessity box from Blackbird Designs called Secret Garden.  I lined the box with fabric. I think it turned out pretty good!

And my progress on June Morning.  Do you not love, love, love the colors on this piece?  I'm telling you...if you love stitching with Belle Soie..this pattern conversion from Attic Needlework is over the top gorgeous and a 'must have'.

My darling granddaughter Corinne and her boyfriend, Austin, will be in Florida tomorrow for two weeks! We are so excited.  I've planned a 4th of July celebration at my house for family and friends!


Have a simply fabulous week!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yummy Lunch and Stitch

Oh boy....look at this pizza.  It tasted just as good as it was pretty to look at.  I took a note from Kim's blog and roasted up some grape tomatoes and garlic this morning.  Added mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, a quick 10 minutes in the oven and mmmmmmmm....

June Morning:  These pics show my progress but the camera flash is washing out the beautiful colors of Belle Soie.  I should photograph this outside, but it's too dang hot!  I've moved on from being so rigid in my color section of floss of light, medium or dark, and just kind of go with the light side....or my personal favorite....the dark side...  The Belle Soie colors are so very rich and I love the feel and look of the silk.  Enjoy!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Move Over - PALEEZE.....

Do you think I could have some room to put my feet up and stitch?  How many cats does it take to hold down the ottoman?  Three I guess...Pretty Belle, Casanova and Jaxon!  Jaxon is my darling little black cat that you can hardly see.  I love these felines.

They are so funny.  Where ever I am...they are too!

Here's my progress on June Morning.  This has been a really fun stitch.  I kind of shake my head though...using Belle Soie, a beautiful over-dyed silk floss that I cut up into dark, medium and light pieces to stitch with?  What was the point of over-dyed if I'm only using certain shades in certain places?  It's a technique designed by Attic Needlework who did the DMC / Belle Soie conversion and it is really a joy to execute.  I guess I could have just used the called for DMC but where's the fun in that?  I'm loving this piece.  

It's been very hot and humid in Florida this past week and will be until October I suppose.  Friday night at midnight it was 85 degrees and 81% humidity.  Thank goodness for A/C and ceiling fans.  With this kind of weather I'll be sittin' in the stitch chair with needle in hand and cats at my feet!

Have a simply fabulous week and thanks for stopping by!  Hugs and Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Starts

It's a beautiful June morning and here's my start on The Goode Huswife's June Morning. I'm using Belle Soie as 'thread paint' instead of the DMC 'paint by number process'.  I'm really having fun using this technique.  I'm stitching on 40 count Vintage Dark Green Slate by Lakeside Linens.  Kind of like 'vintage dark black' except prettier!  Sunshine and my Ott lite are of great importance here!!

Look at this new sock yarn (like I needed more sock yarn).  Lorna's Laces Ysolda Red (thanks Mel for enabling!) and Butterscotch.  And two more skeins of that Crazy Zauberball in Red/Purple and Black/Grey/White colorways.

And, the start of a new sock using TOFUtsies yarn.  This fiber is made from superwash wool, Soysilk, cotton and Chitin.  This will shock you....Chitin is fiber made from shrimp and crab shells! NO the fiber does not stink....and the label says it's naturally antibacterial!  Go figure.....  I knit socks toe up using the Magic Loop technique.

Last, but not least, my pretty Belle.  She always likes to get in the action.  As soon as I put a blanket on the table and added the yarn she was all up in my business.  Her pose says...'Quit takin' pics of me'.....wink,wink. She loves every minute of all the attention!  She's my gal. 

 Thanks for stopping by and HAVE A SIMPLY FABULOUS WEEK!!