Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charlotte Clayton

Here she is - CHARLOTTE CLAYTON - in all her stitched glory. I love, love, love her. And two of my favorite motifs...the CATS! The entire sampler was so much fun to stitch...tiny dogs, huge cats, huge birds, and a tiny lion.

Charlotte will be on her way to Jill Rensel in Utah along with Rejoice Always Rejoice, Ira Ray Crow, 'Tis the Season, Winter Cardinal, Stitcher's Prayer, Sail Away, Finch Song, and Earth Gatherer. Jill just shakes her head when I send an order to her for framing!. Sounds like another party in the fall to oohh and aahh over her framing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm here!! WOW - time flies doesn't it? I've been stitching and knitting but just haven't taken photo's and posted. I finally decided to get with it!!

Here are some fun punchneedle finishes. They are, however, in need of being finished-finished. This heart punch will be completed into sort of an angel and put on an oil can. The two birds are mine and Cherie's that need to be finished into the darling birds and poked onto the oil cans. Plus, I've been busy as a bunny with the rabbit inspired much so that I nearly wore out my wrist! Thank goodness for drugs and wrist braces!

Here's a Shepherd's Bush scissor fob...stitched but in need of finishing. I just need to get Elsie (my featherweight) out of her case and get her rev'd up!

And these socks...aren't they to die for? They're knit from Panda Silk...I love that yarn. The pattern is from 25 Favorite Socks.

And a La-D-Da finish......
And Ira Ray Crow from The Goode Huswife. Ida is delighted her DH will be joining her...she's been quite lonely....
I'm still stitching away on Charlotte Clayton. I'm to Adam and Eve. Only one flower pot and one huge cat left to stitch. When she's finished another huge order will be on it's way to Jill for framing.

Thanks for stopping by and to all the Mom's out there. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Hugs to us ALL.