Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sister's Stitching Retreat

Here we are --- Cari, Cathy and Joan. I think we are some pretty good looking chicks! We were at our favorite quilting shop in Florida - Rainbows End.
Whenever we get together we always have fun gifts for each other. Cathy gave both of us this darling Brighton bracelet and a goodie box she decorated and filled. Mine even had my own personal license plate for my bike. She added some keys, a button hook, old buttons and vintage needle packages. It was darling.

Joan made all three of us these very, very stylish aprons. We wore them for the Sister's Retreat - Meet and Greet - Open House. Are we too cute or what??

A close-up of mine with a little notebook stashed in the pocket....
She also had these necklaces made. The side pictured is a wedding picture of our parents. The other side has my initial - very precious.

She also gave us The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook which is full of the most luscious looking cupcakes. Break out the Kitchen Aid!

I gave the girls a gift bag that included punchneedle projects, lotion, thimbles, a magnet thingy, notebook, pen....soap.... and other stuff...

Here's a pic of the punchneedle projects and a few of the oil cans Cathy scored on eBay.

Then my stash of Valdani floss to use for our projects. I hope we have enough - LOL !! We each got our bird punched and pics of the completed project will be in a future post!

And a funny story about the bird punch. Cathy called me two weeks ago at 8:30 in the morning (now that's 6:30 in Utah). Breathlessly she asked me if I've been on Terri Boog's blog lately...had I seen the DARLING BIRD ON THE OIL CAN that Terri had punched? I answer...of course I've seen Terri's bird...I'm a huge fan of Terri's blog. And I answer, yes sister...this will be a sister Florida's sitting on my kitchen counter!! Whoo Hoo!!

And I hosted a Sister's Retreat - Meet and Greet - Open House on Saturday afternoon. I invited my dearest stitching friends because I wanted them to meet my sisters and my sisters to meet them. We had such a good time. I served salads and lemonade on the lanai. It was a beautiful day. We ate, stitched, and laughed all afternoon. Here are some fun pics.

Sue and Joan

Barb (lounging stitcher) and Susie

Jenny and Cathy

Pink and Rita

Vicki and Cheryl

And my darling granddaughter Carly

All in all it was a wonderful visit but much too short. I have more pics that I'll post later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my vacation with me!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Day

Don't you love it when the doorbell rings and you find all these packages on your front porch that wouldn't fit in the mailbox?
Here's the latest stash enhancement including handmade soaps nesting in the bird bath. I love the two new designs from The Goode Huswife and of course, the Blackbird girls have outdone themselves, once again, with Honeysuckle Manor!
New Birds of a Feather - Happy Hearts and my second copy of 'With These Hands'. I thought I already had this one but couldn't find it.....until this copy arrived. One of the sisters may be getting this in their gift bag!
A new candle and these cute pettifore pincushion patterns. While cleaning out our parents house last year my sisters and I divided up Mom's tiny tart tins. Now we can fill them with healthy no-fat treats!
Finally - I picked this up this book my yarn store. If you love quilt patterns, and crochet or knit, you will love this book! In my opinion it is a 'Must Have'.

Stay tuned - the next update will be from THE SISTER'S STITCHING RETREAT!! I'm getting so excited! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stash Acquisitions

Here are some pics from the 'road trip' to the Golden Needle. I think I have too many Shepherd's Bush pieces...but I always buy more and love every one of them. Here are Holly and Ivy, Glad Heart and Quaker Heart. I also picked up Yule Sampler by The Primitive Needle. I love Lisa's designs.

I already had embroidered this piece and found this barnwood red frame. I think it's perfect.

Here are the fabrics I procured. All are 40 count Lakeside Linen and all are a stitchers half. Left to right: Vintage Winter Sky, Vintage Magnolia, Misty Rain, and Vintage Buttercream. The photos do not do these fabrics justice. They are BEAUTIFUL. Do I have a specific plan for them...of course not....but I will.

These are Erica Michaels designs on 40 count gauze. I had so much fun I stitching the Valentine one I wanted to do another. I couldn't decide which one so I got these. Mother always said, 'If one is nice, ten are FABULOUS". Didn't want to disappoint!
So ladies...I'm off to do some decorating in the Sisters Bedroom. They'll be here next Wednesday!! LET THE PARTY BEGIN!