Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Going's on .....

I trapped this sweet guy, I call him Cee-Lo Red, and had him neutered (ouch). He tested negative to feline leukemia and HIV...yea!!!  He received his distemper and rabies vaccinations and was returned to me last Wednesday.  He made a mad dash to the swamp and ... Boo Hoo... I haven't seen him since.  He was a little shy but boy could he eat.  I hope he gets hungry enough to come back to the garden!

I've had the blahs so I thought I might do some knitting.  This piece is a pattern by Cynthia Parker called Les Miserables.  It is knit with Classic Elite Yarn Silky Alpaca Lace.  I love the color and feel of this fiber.  The wrap / scarf is felted after it's knit.  Crazy cool and it's an easy pattern.  Way too much fun.  See the open raggedy parts caused by the dropped stitches.  Very different and very fun.

 Here's my  progress on a couple of stitching pieces.

My progress on Mary Roe.  I so love the colors of the silk floss.

And All Was For an Apple by The Scarlet Letter.  I love the expressions on Eve and the Cat.

And Olga the Cat by Plum Street Samplers.

So I started this post with a cat and ended with a cat!!  The eyes on Olga remind me of my sweet Jaxon. His eyes are green too.  So many times he looks at me and his eyelids are at 'half mast'.

Back to work...NOT...back to fiber fun!!  Have a simply fabulous week !!