Monday, November 18, 2013

A Huge Thank You and a Finish

First of all I want to thank those of you who left a heartfelt comment on my blog regarding my sweet cat Cee-Lo Red.  I can't tell you how much it meant to me.  I remain heartbroken and tearful, but I suppose time will heal the heart.  I stitched last week with friends and sobbed a couple of times talking about him.  But you know, hugs and kind words from dear friends helps a whole bunch !!

Next, I finished Manor at Peacock Hill from With Thy Needle and Thread.  

I need to take a 'photo' taking class though.  Both of these pics were taken with the same camera, same setting, same finger, same sofa, same room.  I don't recall making any changes, but obviously I must have changed some setting.  

This was a fun piece to work on because I have such fond memories of my great grandparents home, BUT, as much as I love punch needle with Valdani threads, I do not care for them one bit, not one bit as thread for counted cross stitch.  I will keep my Valdani only for punch needle.

I provided my sweet stitching sister, Cathy, link to her blog here, with a DMC conversion for her piece as the Valdani called out on the pattern was and is not available. I suggested she use DMC #3777 for the border berries, the roof of the house and the outside of the pomegranate, #3830 for the inside of the pomegranate and the door on the house, and #356 for the Ohio Star motifs.  Actually, these three DMC colors are called out on WTN&T limited/sold out piece, Snow Bird. I was lucky enough to score one of them and when I opened the package I was really, really happy to see what I thought were excellent DMC substitutes for the Valdani. 

So happy, happy stitching to each and every one of you.  Thanks for stopping by.  All of your comments mean so much to me.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Manor at Peacock Hill

  Once the hill is stitched I'll be on the home stretch of this design.

I loved stitching this peacock.  

My great-grandparents, Fred and Elsie Cornaby lived in Benjamin, Utah.  My fondest memories of visiting them included their Koi pond, the colorful hollyhocks lining the lane to their home and their beautiful peacocks.  Stitching this piece has made me very happy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Heartbroken ….

I am heartbroken….

My sweet Cee-Lo Red took a turn for the worse this morning.  After fighting a battle with cystitis he developed a blockage and unfortunately his bladder ruptured.  Remember, he's my beautiful feral, garden cat and the longterm care he would have required would have been painful for both of us.  The first time I ever picked him up and hugged and kissed him was this morning.  And, sadly, it was the final time.

I love you sweet cat and will miss you deeply.