Sunday, March 29, 2009


Stephani, Carly, Barb, Corinne and Brent - a great sunny day in Florida.  We had so much fun as a family with great food and memories.  Corinne and Stephani were in New Smyrna Beach yesterday (east coast of Florida, Atlantic Ocean) enjoying the surf, beach and high school friends who attend college in the Orlando area.  It was a funtastic Spring Break for everyone!!
Stephani and Corinne this afternoon getting ready to go to the airport.

Here's a pic of Corinne about 15 minutes after arriving in Florida from Chicago!!  Ready for fun in the sun.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warm Head = Warm Hearts

Corinne and her roommate, Stephani, are in Florida this week for spring break!!  They are darling girls.  To keep Corinne's head warm in Chicago I knit up Tams for her and her good friends.  One for Corinne, Stephani, Chelsey, Genevieve, Emma and Megan. How cool ...mmm warm ... is that?  Enjoy girls!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

God Blessed America

I've been feeling kind of blue lately about the state of our union.  I came across this pattern 'Union Forever' by Maggie Bonanomi in my recently organized stash.  I LOVE IT.  I feel a lot better now after stitching up this one!!  And, the fabric I stitched it on was Melinda Bridal White, 30 ct.  It cost me $1.09....did I buy that in my last life??  Anyway, I coffee dyed it and I think it worked up great.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blackbird Loose Feathers....The Love Glove

Here's a pic of 'Two Hearts', the final piece to the Loose Feathers 2008 series.  Seems to be such a different design, but when put with their newest fabric line, Beach fits.  The fabric really matches the stitching. So - just need to attach the stitching to the fabric.  I'm going to do it in kind of a large way so when it gets to Jill she'll have some framing options.  I'm going to Utah the end of April so I think I'll take the entire series plus the Mystery Sampler with me and take a road trip to Jill's.  Don't have to twist my arm for that one!!


I finished Shepherd's Shade punchneedle.  It was done with 6 strands of DMC floss.  So, it came together quickly and inexpensively.

I made this heart pillow from felted wool for Corinne for her 19th Birthday.  It's filled with wool roving and lavender buds.  Lavender buds are a natural repellent to moths that eat wool.  So...being in Chicago...she can put this in her hat, scarf and sock drawer.

Then Signs of Spring punchneedle done with Valdani floss.  Way too cute on the top of a box that I painted and waxed.  Both my sisters, Joan and Cathy, have done this one too.  I know because I've seen them!!  Just need to buy some M&M Easter Peanut candies.