Friday, July 24, 2009

Hmmm What to stitch, what to stitch

I seem to be 'discombobbulated' lately. Nothing is suiting my fancy. Nothing is ringing my chimes. Nothing is calling to me to be stitched.

June Morning by The Goode Huswife? How can I resist these Belle Soie threads??? On the stretcher bars, 40 count, ready to go...

I did finish Love One Another --- over 1 on 26 count Belfast Linen. That was fun.
Then I thought... why not try a fun color of here's The Queen of Hearts by Ewe and Eye and Freinds started....

Or...Charlotte Clayton... I started her on the 32 count with one strand of silk and didn't like it. So, off to my stash of fabric and selected a nice 36 count. Here she is started...this one is fun. The design with the HUGE rose and tiny dogs. Can't wait to get to the HUGE cats on the bottom. Quite an entertaining stitch to say the least.

This one, Shepherd's Bush Remember, just about did me in and ended up the the trash...but a cooler head prevailed. See the center, see the 4 threads between the 'e' and 'm', where there should only be 2!!!! I figured, compensated, stitched, frogged, and got to the point where I had used up all the dark green for the vine backstitch and had to unpick all that and start with a new color and then.............. Well, needless to say it went back into the bag and I'll start it all over again on another day..... Lord where was my brain that day???

Maybe I'll just stick with the hexagon paper piecing. I want to make some fun pin cushions!

Or Molly by Carriage House Samplings with the HUGE cat (see a theme going on here??) ..
Or...........maybe I'll just take a nap!! Yep...that's it...I'm taking a nap!! In the words of Scarlett....tomorrow's another day!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Girls

My granddaughter Corinne, who is attending college in Chicago, came to Florida for a two week vacation. Her boyfriend Austin came for a week. He is a nice young man and I really like him (so does Corinne). We had some fun family parties. Here are a selection of pics of my three granddaughters Corinne, Taylor and Carly. Corinne and Carly are sisters.

Here's Taylor - 16, Me - older than the Lord and YOUNG at heart & in mind, Carly - 14, Corinne - 19. Nothing wrong with the camera here...Corinne has atomic turquoise hair. Kids these days !!

This pic is of Taylor and her boy friend Matt. They are cute kids.

This pic is Carly, Austin and Corinne.

These girls have been and will always be the light of my life!! Although they seem to push me over the top in age, they keep me young with music and sharing their lives! I am a happy gal.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Cathy sent me this fun necklace and a stained glass yellow bird to hang on the way to my garden. It's on the sliding glass door to the lanai. The necklace is black glass in a silver frame with a cuter-than-ever wire flower on top of it.

Joan sent me this quilted table topper, darling pin cushion to match and necklace. The necklace is so unique. It's a glass case with a crown, a 'C', and a red jewel heart inside. After all--I am the 'Princess of Quite-A-Lot'!

In the sister scheme of things Joan is 'Miss Smarty' and Cathy is 'The Queen of Everything'!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finch Song

Finch song for morning.. Crickets at eve.. Earth gives her blessings.. For all to receive..

It's been a while since I finished a Shepherd's Bush piece and stitching this one reminded me of why I love their work so much. Beautiful silks, lovely design, enjoyable stitch!!