Monday, February 21, 2011

Stops and Starts and More

I finished Barb and Chauntel's hats and one of Carly's gloves for their trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks.

Then I found this book at Michael's one day while I was waiting to meet friends for lunch.

Which lead to these projects that are knit then felted.   The gray tubes will become holders for double pointed knitting needles...and knitted hearts will become felted hearts.  I'm way ahead for Valentines Day 2012 !!

And those projects lead to this so I can make lots more needle cases and hearts of every color to my hearts content.

Then a friend showed me this book which I quickly ordered....

...that lead to this..... this to DIE for or what?  And my good friends who are with me every minute of every day....

Jaxon and Casanova

And pretty Belle (anxiously awaiting dinner...can you tell just how underfed she is??)

And so it goes.  I've been stitching on the Blackbird Design stocking series and only have 2 left to stitch!!  Wahooo....they'll be pictured in my next post!

Thanks for stopping 'buy'.  I can only imagine what Nashville Market releases will appear in the mail box!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm knitting as fast as I can......

This is Taylor's hat.

This is Carly modeling her the leopard tank top!

The green fiber is for Chauntel's hat which is all knitted and just needs to be sewn.  The purple yarn is for Barb's hat and is just about done.  The blueish green fiber is the start of mittens for Carly.  And last but not least, the gray hat is for my son. can see I'm knitting as fast as I can.  I know their heads will be warm in Chicago, I'm working on keeping their hands warm and I KNOW their hearts are warm.  Hugs to my family!!