Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Garden Glade

Usually I stitch my pieces 'in hand'.  On colored 40 ct. fabric I sometimes put the piece in a Q-snap standing frame.  The weather here in Central Florida has  been PERFECT for the last week.  Cool mornings and warm afternoons so I enjoy stitching outside.  And Jaxon is 'holding down the fort' so to speak.  There's plenty of room for him but he's got to be right inside the frame.  He's always such a good helper.

And with the cooler weather, he's taken to napping on top of the nice warm sound system electronics.  If the camera didn't flash you wouldn't be able to see him.  He's so cute.

And now on to Garden Glade.  If you frequent this blog you know I always have many 'irons in the fire'.  I couldn't help myself and started stitching on Garden Glade.  Jean Lea of Attic Needlework does an AMAZING job of 'painting' with silk thread.  Her adaptation on this piece is

I have loved putting in each and every stitch!

 Thanks for stopping by....and happy stitching !!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Been Busy Stitching and Knitting

Well it's been a while since my last post but I'm alive and well.  Here are just a few pics of 'my world'.  Life is GOOD.

 Joan's darling punchneedle heart she finished and mounted on a very unique oil can.

More Blackbird Design stockings stitched.  Let's see...12 completed, 14 more stitched and 10 to go.

Can't forget my progress on Molly.  I love this cat.

And my start on 'An All Was for an Appil'.  This one has been fun.

Stash enhancement of Boris and Olga.  I'm going to stitch these on 40 count, Vintage Magnolia from Lakeside Linens.

One of Bella's Mittens I'm knitting up for my niece.

I had to get the drool rag out when this piece arrived from Attic Needlework.  It's Jean Lea's adaptation of The Garden Glade.  The colors are to DIE for!  I've already plied some thread on this one and I can't stitch fast enough.

And last but certainly not least, my darling sisters...I miss them so.  This pic is from our Sisters Stitching Retreat in Park City.  These are the gift bags we put together for all of our new friends.  We had such a fabulous time.  I think we should get together once a month!!

Happy Needlework !