Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cats..Flora and Fauna..Knit and Stitch

You know I love my cats !  And I especially love it when Jaxon decides to catch that tree frog...NO MATTER WHAT OR WHERE.  He did capture this one but I got it when he dropped it on the floor.  I saved the dehydrated froggers life and tossed him into the ferns outside.  Whew...  Luckily Jaxon is so small and fluffy I get the extra benefit of some serious under the cabinet floor extra charge.

 And what's not do love about this Pumpkin colored bowl of fluffy love...Casanova.

 Here's a new little stranger.  I'll eventually trap, neuter and release her/him into my garden.  It's a lovely place to grow up!  Good food and great entertainment with the bird feeder close by.

Here's a female Cardinal and a tiny Titmouse (I think) feed away.  Yesterday the male Cardinal was dive bombing the Blue Jay.  I love watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard.

 Most of you have your lovely fall flowers blooming like crazy.  At this time of year a get a couple of fun orchids blooming.  This orange vanda is brighter than the must of been overcast yesterday.

 And my pale yellow brasso orchid.  These blooms remind me of dancing fairy's!

And here's a sweet lavender baby sweater I've been working on.  I'm getting ready to start the sleeves.  The entire sweater is knit in the round, top down so it's really a quick knit and so CUTE.

And my lame progress on 'And All Was For An Appil'.  This is a great piece to stitch on when I'm with a group.  I plan ahead and do a good amount of the outline on the piece.  Then at stitch I get to fill in and visit (a nice way to my mouth) without having to frog. 

So that's my update.  The weather is starting to change in the sense that it's cooler with lower humidity one day, then hotter and high humidity the next.  I don't mind the temperature fluctuation, but high humidity is the PITS....and I do mean sweaty pits...along with the head, back get the idea !!

Thanks for visiting and happy NEEDLEWORK !!


Margaret said...

Your AAWFAA looks great! I love that piece -- have to get back to it someday. Your knitting looks so pretty too! Love the flowers, and love the kitties too! Mia hasn't presented us with presents yet. I guess we'll see if that ever happens. lol! Hugs.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What great garden pictures! I love your yellow flowers ~ so pretty! We have a few birds in our yard too and I love watching them. Glad you got the frog from the kitty - I"m doubting you'd be as quick to rescue a mouse (I sure wouldn't)!

AAWFAA looks great. I love that sampler!

Big hugs to you dear friend!

Julie M said...

Beautiful flowers Cari! It's fun to see what different types bloom in other parts of the country. We don't get anything like the orchids around here. Cute kitties too and lovely stitching!

Mereknits said...

Hi Cari, love your flowers, knitting and cross stitch. Hope all is well.

Penny said...

Love the cats. :) None of mine seem to have any hunting instinct. Lovely pictures of your birds and flowers. Love your AAWFAA too!

krayolakris said...

Hooray for you, for saving the cats. Your orchids are exquisite and your needlework is too!

Diane (di) said...

What cute kitty pictures, Cari and those flowers are gorgeous. :) Love, love the baby sweater (what a pretty color) and your AAWFAA sampler is just beautiful. Great job!!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Your orchids are just fabulous! Wayne and I have officially quit trying to keep orchids alive! I threw out our last dead one on Friday! BLECH... Love your kitties and knitting and stitching! So glad you didn't show us your O Tannenbaum all finished! I'm just working on the lamb's tongues first! XOXO

Michelle said...

Your garden is looking lovely and so is your AAWFAA. Great idea to leave the fill in for chatting!

woolwoman said...

Cari it was nice to catch up with all your beautiful things in the last two posts - I have been remiss in blog reading so I missed the one with all the great framing and finished - WOOOOO - what a great collections of lovelies. I had wondered if you were doing OK but since DF Henri saw you recently and said you were great - I knew all was well and you with spending time with your needles - YGG - Mel