Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Big and Small of It All

Here's my very first 40 count gauze finish. I wish I were a better photographer. It really was a lot of fun and quite easy...just the tent stitch (half cross stitch). The finished piece is 2 X 1.25 inches.
And whoo-hoo for me!! I have finished the back of my very first garment. It's going to be a knitted vest...and a very stylish one I might add. Some of my first accomplishments were reading a garment pattern, doing some shaping at the garment waist, and armhole / neck shaping. I'm so proud of myself. Now on to the left and front sides.

Today is another chilly day in Florida...good for stitching and knitting inside. This weekend it should warm up into the 70's and I'm looking forward to opening up the house for some fresh air!

My house renovation is complete inside and out but I'm waiting for some new furniture. As soon as it shows up I'll get some new pics posted. It is lovely and I'm really enjoying these hardwood floors. My new best bud is the Swiffer Sweeper fact I have two!!

Now on to more stitching on Charlotte Clayton. I'm just about finished with the dog in the center!! Pics soon of that one too.


Margaret said...

Oh wow! I love your silk gauze piece! Beautiful!!! And your knitting is great too -- can't wait to see more of that project! I bet those hardwood floors are gorgeous -- I love hardwood floors! I'll wait with baited breath to see your new renovation and your Charlotte. I love Charlotte -- it's still one of my favorite stitches!

Cathy Lloyd said...

The fact that you have 2, count them, 2 Swiffer vacuums is testament that you are our mother's daughter...I'm not far behind and I'll bet that Miss Smarty is ahead of me...
hehehe...we did learn to obey, right?

I LOVE your silk gauze piece. Okay...I'm going to HAVE to get mine out now! Too fun! And I LOVE the vest! You are just keeping busy busy... I went last night and purchased me a little portable heater...tired of being cold in the bathroom in the morning! So tired of the cold weather! I hope the furniture comes soon...our trip is only 3 weeks away! :) XOXO

woolwoman said...

Love the vest Cari but I need DETAILS OK? what is the yarn - what about the pattern - you know I'm a knitter too and I want to know about the yarn :)

Love your little silk gauze piece - can't wait to see Charlotte and the remodel and new furniture - can't wait ! Did I say I can't wait? Melody PS just enjoy the cool while you can - it will be stinkin' sticky hot soon enough

Loraine said...

How simply darling! I love your silk gauze piece. You have great eyes!
What design is that BTW?
Love your vest as well. Your knitting is amazing.
Take Care! Hugs to you. Stay warm!

Kim said...

Cari the vest looks wonderful!!! Ooooh what I wouldn't give to be looking forward to 70 degree temps this weekend! And your silk gauze piece....looovely!! :o))

Julie M said...

Your vest looks beautiful!

Congrats on the silk gauze finish Cari! You're a braver person than I am!

And speaking of finished, glad your remodeling is all done. I'm waiting, impatiently I might add, for the promised pictures. When is the furniture supposed to arrive??

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

WoW, Cari! Your silk gauze piece is fantastic! It is so delicate and sweet.

I can't wait to see all your new furniture and your reno! I know it'll be spectacular!

Enjoy the warm temps this weekend. What I wouldn't give for a 70 degree day......

Angela Jamison said...

Lovin the vest....You never cease to amaze me..I heart you!!!! Keep up the good work. Your Mother would be so proud.