Monday, September 28, 2009

Part Duex

The MYSTERY SAMPLER by Blackbird Designs. I chose to stitch this one on five separate pieces of fabric and then stitched them together. Jill did some amazing work on this one!!
Where My Heart Blooms
Rites of Spring
When This You See
I Question Not
Liberty and Union by Blackbird Designs. This frame and mat work is just something else. I took a close up of the cut outs Jill did. This piece warms my good old USA HEART!!!


Katrina said...

OMG, OMG, OMG! Everything is so gorgeous. Having just got a package from Jill I can imagine how exciting it was to open all your boxes. As I was looking through the pictures I kept thinking, love it, love it, love it. There's not one that isn't fabulous :-). Thank you for sharing!

Tanya said...

They are all fabulous!!! Jill does amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

OMG!!!! I agree with Katrina! Oh I love everything! You must be sooooo thrilled!!!!! Jill is amazing, isn't she? All those little touches she puts, and the frames she picks, and and and... OMG! You are so lucky! :D :D (I can't wait to see Ira Ray now. :D )

Tammy said...

They are ALL completely and totally fabulous!! It was exciting just seeing these on my computer screen, I can't imagine how fun it must have been in real life. A giant congratulations to you!

Angela Jamison said...

The mystery sampler....Wow!!! I think I need to write my name on the back of that one. "Gifted to my fabulous niece...Angela" LOL What a fun day for you and your stitching friends. You are one of a kind Auntie Cari....I heart you!!! I just can't get over how amazing each piece is.

Michele said...

Those are stunning! What a treasure trove!