Monday, September 28, 2009

OH MY....

Opening Ceremonies:Home Sweet Home - The Goode Huswife I stitched this beauty over 1 on some 28 count fabric. DARLING!!! I wished I could take better pics!! Jill's framing is STUNNING!!
Do you think I was happy to see Ida Mae??
I stitched Ida Mae Crow on some yellow fabric I had in my stash with recommended DMC except for a color on her dress. It was a drab brown and I changed it to RED!! I'm so glad Ira Ray will be along shortly!! Is this frame and mat OVER THE TOP or WHAT !!!
And Thomas Turkey by Notforgotten Farms. Jill has made him into such a handsome Tom.... And just in time for Thanksgi........ whoops.... and just in time for Autumn!!


Joan said...

PLEASE: allow me to be the first
"Simply Fabulous Cari" each piece is stunning---then you add Jill's talent and it goes over the top.
Congrats Sister xoxo

Paulette said...

Oh my heavens!!! Absolutely stunning pieces!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Cari!


Kim said...

WOW!!! I DO love Ida Mae Crow and the framing....BELLISSIMO!!!! I LOVE it!!! She's near the top of my to-do list, and I may just have to finally get something framed by Jill. It looks great! And I LOVE the molding on your BBD piece too!! Beautiful!