Monday, December 2, 2013

Finishes and Starts

I finished Eve's Garden by Shepherd's Bush.  I love their samplers.  They are a joy to stitch.  This one was especially fun because you can see that Adam is so very, very excited to see Eve !!  Too much fun in store for Adam !!

I was quick enough to snag the Snow Bird Kit from With Thy Needle and Thread.  The stitching was quick and I loved the colors.  I just need to finish it up into the snowflake stand.  It may be my one and only Christmas decoration.  Oh no, wait, I have a berry wreath that I'll hang my Blackbird Designs stockings on for the front door.  That'll probably be it.  

I started another piece.  This is Winter Floral Sampler by Knotted Tree NeedleArt.  I'm stitching it on Lakeside Linen 40 Ct. Vintage Pear using the called for NPI Silks.  I love the colors.  I've raised quite a few beautiful peach poinsettia's so this stitching this design has pleasant memories associated with it. I also love to stitch Cardinals.  I have several stitched pieces with Cardinals on them hanging around my home.

Thanks for stopping by.  And, remember during this busy holiday season…take time to stitch.


Melissa said...

Oh gosh, Cari, I love everything!

The A&E - ahh, I never noticed that about Adam but you're right, he is very excited! lol. It's such a pretty sampler too!

You're lucky to be able to score the WTNT kit - it's so unique.

Love your new start too!

Lelia said...

I was really tempted by the Shep Bush adam + eve sampler --- decided not to buy the kit. Yous looks awesome!!!! Perhaps I made the wrong decision

Brigitte said...

Absolutely great, your two finishes. I love the SB samplers, particularly the ones that are designed in this style. And the band samplers. And the other samplers, too, lol.
Cardinals are my favourite birds as well. I had never seen this chart before, it looks so great. And is now on my wish list.

Vickie said...

Yes, I am making time to stitch. But I shouldn't even be on here at all if I want the gifts done on time!
Loveliness today, just gorgeous.

Jackie said...

The Winter Floral Sampler is very pretty. I had not seen this design before.

Too funny about Adam!

Glenna said...

So funny about Adam; if they are older, Eve is rolling her eyes and thinking "I just want some fruit!" Love the winter sampler, which is part of my stash. Now I will have to hunt it down to stitch it, regardless of the number of samplers I have just purchased, because it's so pretty and Christmasy without being about Santa Claus, snow or snowmen.

Margaret said...

Love the Eve's Garden finish! lol -- Adam is definitely excited! lol! Love your WTNT piece too -- you were lucky to get that. Nice WIP too! I hate to say it, but I'd love to bypass the Christmas tree. lol! Too much work!

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching, and congrats on finishing the SB

woolwoman said...

Don't you just love all the SB kits - they are so unique - love your Eve's Garden finish ! I'm already coveting that 3 Ships they just released. I've never heard of peach poinsettias - very interesting and I love cardinals too. All great stuff my friend!
Hope you are enjoying the season

Anna Zont said...

The Winter Floral Sampler is really pretty. But I am in love with SB!!!

Cathy Lloyd said...

And you can tell that I haven't been on anyone's blog in ages! Love your A&E finish...hard-on and all! I'm back to stitching after Christmas...and I mean...right after Christmas!